Taking Over the Airwaves.

Many of you may have already caught on to my lack of TV knowledge. Alas, it is true, Andre and I do not have cable. My life without it has been frustrating at times (who wants to let me watch Lost at their house?), but overall I love my lack of television. We fill our time instead with lots of Public Radio. 

After listening for years I have decided to step it up and contribute! If you tune in to WUGA this Saturday, you will hear that Honey’s Salon is now an underwriter of programming for the station.  I am so excited to be part of bringing such wonderful radio to Athens! Listen in to Weekend Edition on January 31st, and on Monday February 2nd during All Things Considered to hear it. They’ll use our spot during those same times for the next six months!

For those of you not familiar, I’ll give you brief insight. Our local station, WUGA, comes in on 91.7 and 97.9 FM. They use syndicated programs from public stations across the country and produce some of their own. It is a non-profit radio station that depends on members and underwriters to continue its broadcast. I love listening to Morning Edition, Weekend Edition, To the Best of Our Knowledge, Money Matters, This American Life, and Says You. They even have a new show on sustainable living called Sustainable Georgia. Many of these you can find on podcast if you don’t have time to listen live. 

How good are you with words? We are limited to a 40 word spot that has no qualifiers (ie. “historic” warehouses is a no go).  Numbers each count as a word and “www” is three words. I can change things as time goes by, so If you have any ideas for how to say it better I would love to hear them. Send me one that we use, and your next haircut is on the house! Written in italics below is what our little blurb says. Post your thoughts in the comment section!



This program is supported by Honey’s Salon, a hair boutique located near Downtown Athens in the Chase Street Park Warehouses.  Appointments available at 706.254.4008.


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