Paul Mitchell Hair Camp

Lori and I went to Augusta this past weekend to see what was up and coming in the world of Paul Mitchell.  Almost as soon as we got there, we started to wonder why the city had been dubbed “DisGusta?” The downtown has really great architecture and is home to a wide variety of businesses (unlike Athens’ bars and boutiques downtown). We ate dinner at Nacho Mamas on Broad Street. The Mahi Mahi tacos were delicious, and the guacamole was out of this world! So good (and inexpensive) that we almost forgot what we were in town for!

The class started on Sunday morning. We kicked off with a new cut they are calling “Talesha” after the model who inspired the look. It’s twist on the classic graduated bob, left longer, and then covered in some dynamic disconnection. This would be a great option for someone with tons of hair that is currently long and looking to go shorter. The model they showed with the style had tiny tiny curls that they accented with pinks purples and baby blue. What an exciting way to show your Spring colors!

We learned some crazy new color techniques using a hair brush to apply color. The vote is still out on whether or not we’ll use this one at Honey’s… but who knows, you could be the first to get it!

After six hours of hands-on learning, Lori and I packed up our new skills, as well as manikin heads full of crazy color, and headed back to Athens. Now I’m ready to get back to work, and adapt my new knowledge to work for my clients at Honey’s. We’re full of ideas, now’s the time to schedule for a new color!


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