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Jumping on the Food 2 Kids Bandwagon!

This holiday season, we gals at the hive will be doing a fundraiser for Food 2 Kids, which is a project of the Junior League of Athens and a branch of the Food Bank of Northeast Georgia. The program provides food to children who are at risk of going hungry on the weekends. They are sent home on Fridays with a 5-7 pound sack of foods like fruit, peanut butter, cereal, pop-can soups and ravioli, and crackers. All things an unattended child could prepare for themselves. Clarke County has a 32% poverty rate and 61% of Clarke County School District’s children receive free or reduced. The need for assistance is clearly there, therefore, so is the need for further funding.

We are so excited to raise money for this program and be a part of helping to spread the word. 

And now for the fun part! We have put up the tree and will be decking it out this week. To raise funds for Food 2 Kids, we will be “selling” ornaments off the tree and presents from under the tree. Each ornament has a number that corresponds to a super awesome gift! You won’t know what you’re getting until you get it, but I can tell you you’re gonna love it! They include things from: Stylized Portraiture, Studio Mod Glass, Balance Pilates, White Tiger Gourmet, Missy Kulik, Red Eye Coffee, 1000 Faces Coffee, ACC Recycling, Terrapin Brewery, and Honey’s. You won’t be disappointed! The ornaments and presents range from $5 to $30 and are an easy way for you to knock off an item from your shopping list or give yourself a holiday season boost. Just come by during December with either cash or a check ready to be mad out to the NEG Food Bank and walk out with a fabulous gift!

If you, kind readers out there, own a business or provide goods or services that you would like to throw in to the mix, please email us at  We’d love to have more. At this point we are set to raise over $400, and more donations would raise more money!

Thanks so so much in advance!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Honey’s Salon

P.S. You’re correct, the llama has nothing to do with any of this. But isn’t he cute?!