Monthly Archives: January 2010

The Pixie Plunge

Miss Nina learned all about taking the Pixie Plunge last Saturday! She’d been wearing a sweet little bob for about a year and a half; and her mama, Sue, was ready for a change. We wanted some hair gone, and the little pink-lovin’ lady still wanted to look like a girl. Nina is not one to shy away from risky business in the fashion department, and I’m not one to shy away from a messy pixie, soooooooo… VOILA!

And she was even kind enough to ham it up for us afterwards! Thank you, ladies!



Happy New Year! and Happy Birthday Honey!



A random picture from our "Honey's goes to the beach" trip. Yes, that's LoLo with a shaved head and a pork rind.


I don’t know how I missed it but January is already almost done. The New Year has been very good to us, and I hope you all can say the same thing!

January 12th we added a new bee to the hive.  Liz Doerr comes to us with 5 years of experience from another Athens salon. She and is a local girl with a heart of gold and I ‘m so glad to know her. Liz’s place in the salon is already so important to our day to day that I hope we can hold on to her forever!

January 29th will be our two year anniversary. I simply cannot explain how grateful I am to have met so many amazing people and to have gone on this incredible journey. I hope there are many years to come. WE’LL BE DOING IT UP AT LITTL KINGS SHUFFLE CLUB STARTING AT 6! IT’S KARAOKE NIGHT!

Thanks so much for standing by the hive. For believing in little businesses, and little business women.