Monthly Archives: May 2010

More boxes full of hair

Thanks a million to all you fine folks who came out for the Shave-a-Thon. With your help we filled another box to ship down to the Gulf. 20 folks in all came out for the clippers, with 2 beautiful people arriving with hair past their shoulders and leaving with short short fuzzy stuff! Your commitment to the environment and the future of our coastal fisheries is heartwarming for sure. Please send a donation to or to another organization doing work to clean-up and preserve our irreplaceable coastline!

Thanks Athens!

Liz, Stephanie, Lori, and Jo


Oil Spill Clean-up Crew!

For the past two years we’ve donated hair to an amazing non-profit out of San Francisco, Matter of Trust. They take the donated hair and make it into mats and booms to soak up oil from spills. There are small spills all the time, and Matter of Trust dispatches folks out with the mats and booms to help in the recovery effort. As of today, there are 370,000 salons donating hair, and 100,000 groomers.

This time the spill is truly catastrophic, and they are calling for as much help as fast as possible. Groups of volunteers have been assembled all along the coast to stuff nylons with hair to make the booms. Today I sent down 65 lbs of hair to Valparaiso Florida to be processed by volunteers at ¬†“boom-b-ques.” They’re trying to make it a fun process down there, and we’re trying to do the same here.

Please come by Honey’s Tuesday, May 11th, from 5-7. We’ll have some snacks and you can come hang out. We’ll be taking donations for Matter of Trust, we’ll take nylons (they can have runs, just no big holes), and you shave your head. That’s right, come by honey’s and get a free summer cut. It’s a SHAVE-A-THON. ¬†Bonus points if you come by bike or on foot. I know we’ll have more men than women I’m sure, but let’s see how many brave women we’ve got out there. It’ll be fun, I promise. No appointments necessary. Bring a friend. SPREAD THE WORD. It all goes to saving the coast.